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Related article: Date: Monday, January 10, 2005 18 25th 13 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 9 Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell Chapter 9 : Sean n "Hi Matthew, this is Sean, but I think. you know, call me to know that if n and if you like " at least that was the message I wanted to go, but I left this message : "Hi Matthew, please call me. I need to talk with you. " it sounded like a coward. I felt pathetic. It sounded like a man s to lose someone important in his life and did not know why why. As the great misunderstanding at home with Matthew and Ryan, who seemed to be a wall between Matthew and I was not a great wall n but there was a wall. At first I just attributed it to changes in mood, but if missed a group session and had not returned my calls, I began to ask what was really happening. But I could not because he could n him with me to discuss. When she hung up the phone after my third call to Matthewsw is the phone for days there was a knock on the door of the office. I up and saw Ryan to look outside my door. He waved in "How are you ?" He said when he came with his big smile to the face. "I'm OK, Ryan, " I said with a forced smile on his face. Ryan sat on a chair in front of my desk. " There is no contact with Matthew? " Ryan had in filling about me and Matthew. I have no intention of telling, but no one else did talk about what had happened. Shane was not at home, and Eric and others, well, honestly I do not want to tell you. Ryan was my soundboard. " There is still no contact, and do not know why ?" Rubbed Ryan Chin, where the use of bruising that night, had to do.. "Oh, I have an idea" " Ryan", I said for the umpteenth time :. The war " That's not true " However, it difficult for me to believe that everything that may come into contact n Matthew and talk to him. " Well, well, " said Ryan raised his hands up calling off of fashion " THat is not what I came here to talk to you. " " What did you come here ? "I asked, relieved that we were about to the theme of my life, and Matthew, n. " This is the meeting of Ver- tech. "He said he " Check -. Tech? There was a problem with my report? "I asked. I had worked in a computer systems analysis Ver- tech. Chip Stevenson and Ryan met with executives from Ver- tech in their systems. " It was very thoroughly. They have decent systems in question, and the updates are not will be so expensive... "" Whoa Sean, " Ryan interrupted :" It is not a report or not been completed. After the chip has his report, he thought it was a good idea for you to attend the meeting with us. " I did not know what to say. I had never participated between the chip, Ryan and our customers. Not that I could not hold my own in , a meeting of this kind is simply not a part of my work description and nobody asked me. " Hol 'up, Ryan," I replied, " I'vs never been in a meeting with our clients. Why now ? " He smiled Ryan, as he sat in one of the two chairs facing the desk of my s. " This is the first time a client asked about the man, hear work Preteen Pedo and the chip has been completely agree. " I shook my head in disbelief. " He asked me to go there? " Ryan burst out laughing, " does not sound so surprised. They are good at what they n well, Sean. " I'm in," Okay. " He smiled Ryan and stood up. " Well. The meeting is November 00 to watch spicy, not too late. " that was not too late, but I was the last to arrive at the conference space on the chip and Ryan Stevenson at the top of the table were two smiling. near them were two men at forty years at the beginning of forty n. One of them was a white man with pale skin, blonde hair, pale, with graying at the temples. was about 10 pounds of overweight, but it was s well. the man next door was black, he had in his micro - stranded jet Preteen Pedo black hair, a neatly trimmed muStache and beard. He had a dark complexion n and there was something in his face, which seemed to perhaps of African or perhaps one of the islands. Seemed to fit trim, slim n, , and very nice. chip stood up and everything else. "Gentlemen, is the genius behind all this," he announced proudly. "This is Sean Jackson, a valuable member of our team. Sean Jackson, let done in Washington, William and Charles Wilson Omar Campbell, IV of Ver- tech. " white man stood in front and extended his hand to me. "William Wilson, but everyone calls me WW" " pleasure, sir. " "I think that makes me Omar Charles Campbell, IV, " The African the U. Preteen Pedo S. , said as he stretched his hand. "But everyone calls me Carlos. " I shook hands and smiled warmly at this very handsome man, had a firm but gentle handshake and hands were very well maintained. There a radiant smile, a lovely smile, a dangerously sexy sMilla. " My pleasure," I replied and it was my pleasure. " Well, if everyone would take their place. " Said Chip. The meeting ended about 45 minutes after the start. wanted first all I did was just sit and listen as they talked about their plans and what s your suggestions and improvements that had to do recommended. I tried to stay focused, but I found a point of view a Omar Charles Campbell, IV, and the more I looked, the more I s clear that it is feasible and my dick was against my will began a is always difficult. As a chip called me a few things about what I say suggested that I not prepared, I hesitated for a moment that I wanted to my ​​dick to go. As it happened, I started. "Mr. Jackson:" War was called to me when I was back to on the way to my office. When I turned around and was followed by Charles Campbell. "Mr. Jackson, who could have a moment. " "Sure," I said, "Do you go to my office? " I asked. W. W Charles and looked to each other and nodded. " Follow me. " " We want to go straight to the point," began the Second War, and in the office of my s and sat down. ", okay ? " Charles White smiled, " We were impressed by his work his presentation today. " " Thanks," I replied. " I mean, very impressed," said Charles. " so impressed that we offer a job. " W. Intervened W : I was not prepared for it and I know that I sat with my his mouth open like a fool. "A job? " " A very lucrative job offer. " W. W was added. I shook my head. " I suppose, but I'm happy here with me n feel comfortable talking to you about that" looked and smiled. "You have no idea why invited to attend the meeting, is it necessary ?" Asked Guerra. "In fact, I think not. " I replied. "I asked to attend the meeting to see if what Ryan said, and Chip n do you really was. " Enlightened Charles. " understand ", then a thought came to me, you know ? "Chip and RyanThat I am offered a job ? " The exchange of glances that gave me the answer before the Second World War, he said. " would not be here without them knowing that we have s intentions. " " What did they say? "I asked, curious. Charles W. W, and smiled so much. " She said the decision up to you n and all that you have decided, would not get in the way. "WW declared. " You have requested an opportunity to meet or better our offer, however. "Date Charles. I did not know what to say or even to think. " Gentlemen, I do not know what n to say? "" What would it be to hear our offer and then say yes... "Said Charles a smile n Twenty minutes later, World War II and Carlos Omar Campbell, left IV I s office with the promise that made me see his work very generous No offer was deliver a version position - top technology in your IT department with a good salary, and even a company car. I won 80 years upwards of $ 000 year a significant bump as I do now. was a great opportunity, both economically andprofessional , and while he was outside Ryan 's office, which was what I thought. However, the grass was greener on the other side? God, I had to talk to some Shane ot Matthew. I turned abruptly Ryan 's door and returned to in my office. I picked up the phone and dialed Mateo. I fell silence for about 2 seconds, while answering. " Hello?" He said. "Hi Matthew," I said, his voice roused me from my surprise. " Oh hello," he said. Oh, hello? That's what I have, oh hello ? after all, this time I get ' Oh hello? "" Matthew, "I began," I think we should talk. "" Yes we do. "Matthew said. " I mean, I apologize as I acted. I do not know what was going on with me, but I know, I hated not to talk to you and not you. I realized something... I'm falling in love with you. " My mouth was open. Did I just hear him say he was falling in in love with me ? I do not know what to say what was good, because he kept talking n ". So I left group. "" She left the group? "I cried," Matthew... " " Please, Sean, listen to me. I can not be part of this group all these feelings I have for you. Dr. cigars agreement. "" Matthew, you like the group, " I replied. " Yes, and he will find a new working group, but I can not work with his group, if I feel as if do. " not even believe this. What kind of day was it. I provides a great job and now this man who seemed incredibly n appeal to me was told simply that he falls in love me to fall. " So what do you think? "Asked Matthew. I shook my head. " Matthew... I do not know what to say... " " I can come see you tonight? "Asked Matthew. " Yes, of course, Matthew. "I could hear him smiling over. " See you tonight at 8 o'clock then. "" All right, Matthew. " I said " Bye Sean: " When I hung up the phone, I saw Ryan standing there looked at me with a smile on your face or even open s office could still walk in.. I began to blush. "Ryan, how much do you hear? have. " Ryan smiled and listened, I realized that most of what I wanted or to listen to anyone " To get in touch with Matt, "said Ryan. " I'm glad, " I nod. " Well, I think, you know you had a conversation with customers. " " Hmmm, really? "Ryan said trying to play innocent. " Yes, and I made ​​an offer of temporary employment. "" Really? So what do you want? "Ryan asked. I frowned, " I do not know it's a very good deal and I crazy to turn it down, but then on the other hand, I like it here.. "" Well, all I can tell you to sleep. Think about it and continues to do what is best for you. "" Yes, I suppose. "" will do what is best for you. "Adding that when he moved in the direction of the door. " Want to know what was the offer? "Smiled Ryan, " I know. "And he left the door n it. When I got home there was a voice message from Shane told me that his plane arrived at the following night. I was glad that he I got home s I did not know how muchI missed my brother, or how great the house without it. We had our problems last year, but everything was fine, , or at least at work in this way. We were told some things that hurt each other heal that only time, but no matter what I like about my brother. in June 00 I used a long hot soak in the tub lotion and baby powder on my body and had moved to a comfortable fit Sean Jean hot. I started making some food, but decided that wait. I'm on- line, which he did very little, I always avoid the Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging someone who denies that I did not know. I checked my e- mail. I was reading an e- mail from my friend, but my mind still Tremaine the supply of World War II and Charles, and the things that Matthew had said to me on the phone. A job that was $ 80 000 was paid not inconsiderable of cases. I loved where I worked and I know Ryan and Chip would coincide with the n it, but could not they at least for now, not many jobs available as the nexts long. I had to talk to someone. I went out and got a call. "Hello, I can speak Mohammed, please?" A few seconds later Mohammed was on the phone. I told him about the job and broke n it is for him and after a moment, he said. " Sean" he began, " I think the question you ask, have. What will make me happy and what I n happy and what will give ? What You Want" I heard what had to say and what I said and I knew my answer. As difficult as it would be to leave a job I've learned to love, it was time for me to go. I picked up the phone and called Ryan 's cell phone. I wanted to tell you what I was doing now instead of waiting until tomorrow, Preteen Pedo but if your voice of mail collected hung up the phone and decided to just wait until the n morning. When the bell rang, I looked at my watch. It was eight the clock. The moment that scared me. I got up and walked toward the door. Matthew waswith a beautiful smile on the face of his s. While I was there it was like I saw it was for the first. He was so sexy with its hundreds of long, who had retired and consolidated. His deep, black chocolate complexion was so beautiful Hershey smooth and sexy to me. God, that when I realized that the man of my dreams, the man who had dreamed, and wet dreams of war this man, Muhammad Siad n Mateo. " I can go ?" He asked as he put on his beautiful smile. I stepped aside and allowed him in as soon as I n the door behind me was in his arms and kissed him passionately. I did not even know what was Matthew to prepare me, I had not worked for him, but had to in his arms, kissed him, I had to be near him. "Damn baby," Matthew said as he reluctantly withdrew from the kiss. " If I knew that I was in love with you n to the cause, I would say before. " S "Sorry, I juno st... I mean... "Matthew covered my mouth which we kissed again. I had never been kissed, kisses as it was me. My body was burning, I loved, and I realized I wanted I. Matthew broke the kiss and took my breath away. " Let's sit and talk. "They talk ? Was not talking about what I wanted to do for o. This sexy bastard had come and talked to me and now I wanted. But what led to the room and we sat together on the couch. I could not stop looking at it. God, was the man for Matthew s me. "So, what do you speak? "I asked. Matthew smiled as He took my hand in hers. I felt good. I felt really good. " About Me, you, of us. " Mateo said. He squeezed my hand. " Okay. "I replied. Matthew cleared his throat. " First, I must say. Of time I saw the first time we met I was very attracted to you. "I could not believe my ears, but hear me. " And the n The more I learned about the moI found myself falling back to you and I was afraid. "" Are you afraid? Why are you afraid of? "I asked when I was in the hand instead n , caressed me. Matthew looked away for a second, but then turned to me. " Since I never thought I'd do and to find my violation I felt like love was not in the cards for me. He and die a lonely old man alone. "" Oh, Matt. "He said, raised his hand to his lips and kissed it. ", but here they are, and I could not... I do not want to hide that more. I am with you, Sean. Tell me more. I spend my time and I hope my life with you. I want to grow old man, sitting on the porch rocking the adequacy of only swings and watch the world go by. "" Matthew, " I said and I felt a lump in my throat," I've waited so until someone felt the way you are. I am with you. I to meet you and with you for ever, if there is something like an eternity. " MatthewI smiled and took another long, passionate kiss. I not have to take over too many kisses in one position. Matthew hugged me and I felt good to snuggle with him on the couch n. "I realized I do not know much about me. " "mmmm... do not know," he purred with pleasure in his muscular upper body. " Well, let me tell you about myself. I am the only son of Abdullah Mohamed Siad Victoria and Muhammad... " When Matthew was embraced stayed with him when he told me about of their parents. His father was a professor of education, what else, Afro- American Studies. His mother was a psychologist and therapists. Matthew knew he was gay, as long as he could remember, but it tries and tries to deny it, and had not even participated in, but ended that after having had a sexual encounter with the brother of his fiancee. is hard, the only son gay in a Muslim family. I thought briefly about it Mohammed, hearing the sound of his sexy Preteen Pedo voice enjoy your time with Matthew. The sound of the bell telephone cut through the atmosphere as a bull running through a china shop. I started to ignore the phone, but Shane out of town, I decided best answer. "Hi Sean, " was Ryan. I had forgotten that he had called, but I n ot leave a message. " Hey Ryan, how are you ? " " doing very well, I looked through my caller ID, which you mentioned. 's All n right? " " Yes, that's fine. cried, telling you about my decision to Preteen Pedo about the offer. "" Your choice, I see. "I realized that Ryan had not expected the first response. I took a look at Matthew, who was seen waiting for me. It did not seem excited, but I felt I needed to leave the n phone. "Ryan, I can talk to you about it tomorrow ? " I asked. "Sure, the bad news is always better when told later. " Ryan said. I hung up and snuggled back to Matthew.. " Sorry, that Ryan" He replied: " I ​​thought about it. " " What did you say on " Preteen Pedo I asked. I closed my eyes and snuggled in Matthew more. "Nothing, was a job offer, the $ 80 000th "Matt pushed me and gave me a n is an emotional spread across his face. " Say what? " I sat down and told him what had happened and what decided. " Sean, this is fantastic ! " I was excited as I am. " I'm happy to. "" Thanks boo "It felt good to have someone boo. Kissed Matthew s me again. N " We have to celebrate. What are we doing with food. " He s, he said. But I shook my head when they grabbed him and kissed him again. " How about a breakfast to celebrate. "I said when I found him deeply put my tongue in her mouth for a kiss. I wrung her hands in his shirt and the game started with the chest. Matthew moaned softly as he kissed, and as he kissed me I thought again about how great it would be with over again. went to my room to kiss and remove each of our clothes step of the way and the time we were in bed was packed naked and kissing passionately. it felt so good to feel a warm body, his ne bodyxt for me. Her skin was beautiful, so soft and so warm and full of with fire. I kissed every part of your body that could. While kissing the neck of his s, groaned and sighed. When he gave a kiss on the neck and chest that is inhaled. When my lips touched her nipples, which shook and trembled. the body of his s was tough and muscular, strong and sexy, and I loved the play n and feel. Each one of each. My hands slide down and felt his thick. Damn it was long and thick. It felt like it was maybe September 9 ½ inches long and 3 or more inches thick. He groaned as I stroked. Moaned my name and asked me not to stop. I had no plans to stop until I had in me. That was my plan. Matt turned around and suddenly was in the beginning of I passionately kisses me anywhere that gave him a kiss. His tongue master and my body was reacting. I was on fire. I wanted, I needed him, he had to have him. I felt his hands move move your body to my ​​ass, it displaces. Extended my legs and I felt her fingers n very gently worked on my ass. I gasped and moaned all pleasure. My body was mad with desire, and yes, screaming delight. He had a n in a long time and I was hot and ready. " Matt", who complained : "Please... " He covered my mouth in a passionate kiss while my legs and thighs. There was a pause, I think that s been a condom and not put my eyes closed, waiting for him enter me, I saw his face. Mitchell was silk, but it was impossible, s dead. But I was all around me, smiled and tried to kiss me. I pushed in the chest to him from me, but he moves. He tried to his cock into me and started to fight. He was not moving. Do not get away from me. He was looking at my face. " Stop fighting," he said, " I know you want " " Nooooooo ! " I screamed when I started punching and kicking Wild. "Leave me alone, NO NO NO NO Nooooooo.... AGAIN " " ! Is coarse " I heard someone shouted, "Damn, Sean...... Sean SEAN ! " Somebody hit me hard hard and when I opened my eyes, was Mateo, with a look of fear and worry on his face. I sat in bed difficulty breathing and anxiety. Matthew stood beside the bed was naked breathing heavy and hard, as if in pain. "What is happening? "I asked, when I realized I was shaking. " Look s Matthew gave me was one of confusion. "What 's going on? You mean I can not remember ?" I asked. " No, what happened? " Matthew Sat gently and carefully on the edge of the bed. " Sean, that were about to make love. I kissed her and then started screaming n and hit me and kicked me... Sean... " Matthew altered expression. The s looking at me as tears rolled down my face. I could not stop shaking. I could not stop shaking. I could not stop to mourn. He reached touch me and I winced. Matthew got out of bed. " Sean... " " Matthew... I... I... maybe I should go home. " The look that crossed his face broke my heart. He did not say a wordHe gathered his clothes s, got dressed and left. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and threw cold water on your face. I saw my Preteen Pedo reflection in the mirror and there, and looked at me and smiled Silk Mitchell. the following what I knew I had the mirror, from where he had beaten my fist and exploded blood Preteen Pedo everywhere. [ then ] [ The author would like to hear from you. You can write to AOL wyzman34. com]
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